Two alumni and UofA professor publish an article in Sustainable Water Resources Management Journal

April 8, 2017


MESPOM Alumni Prithvi Simha ’16 (India), Zahra Mutiara ’16 (Indonesia) and Professor Petros Gaganis publish an article in Sustainable Water Resources Management Journal
MESPOM Alumni, Prithvi Simha ’16 (India), Zahra Mutiara ’16 (Indonesia), and MESPOM Professor Dr. Petros Gaganis have recently published an article entitled, ‘Vulnerability Assessment of Water Resources and Adaptive Management Approach for Lesvos Island, Greece’ in Sustainable Water Resources Management, Springer.
In the article, the authors performed a comprehensive vulnerability assessment through an indicator-based framework to point out that water resources on Lesvos Island are under significant stress from both anthropogenic and natural factors. In addition, the authors also propose a quantitative methodological framework for identification of solutions to water management–decision problems.
The article was largely based on the joint project work performed during MESPOM Semester 2b (Spring) at the University of the Aegean (UoA) by the authors, Sin Yi Ch’ng ’16 (Malaysia), Margarita Roxas ’16 (Philippines), Pin Udomcharoenchaikit ’16 (Thailand), Isaac Estrada ’16 (Mexico), Viktoria Athousaki (UoA) and Nikoleta Lekaki (UoA).
Prithvi is currently pursuing a PhD in Environmental Engineering at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala. His research focuses on the technological as well as sociological evaluation and implementation of decentralised and semi-decentralised sanitation systems.
Zahra is currently working as a policy and institutional building officer for WWF Indonesia where she mainstreams the country's commitment to low carbon development in the heart of Borneo.