Imelda Phadtare '2016 talks about her work climate resilience, risk and chaos

December 20, 2019

This week, batch-10 alumni and 2016 graduate, Imelda Phadtare talks about her work climate resilience, risk and chaos.


What are you currently doing?

I wear two hats. I am employed full time by E Co., a London-based climate finance consultancy that designs bankable mitigation and adaptation projects. My role as a senior consultant is mixed. I work with clients around the world, write up projects, conduct research, engage stakeholders, deliver training and attend events. Secondly, I’m a Visiting Research Fellow at the Global Sustainability Institute in Cambridge where I live. Here I research risk and resilience themes. We have just launched the Global Chaos Map which I spent a year developing with colleagues. By recording past events of unrest or deaths related to access to natural resources, the project gives us valuable insights into patterns of unrest and global trends – and the factors that contribute to regions being vulnerable, now and in the future. In this role I also guest lecture and am a permanent member of the START Network Anticipation Team evaluating alerts to deploy funds around the world where they are most needed to mitigate disasters.

How did you get to know of this opportunity?

Both jobs came to me through my network, and I went through a rigorous interview process for both. Being flexible helped as GSI hired me first for 6-months, then E Co. offered me the role. Kudos to Helene Robert, an EMP graduate and now my co-worker at E Co.!

How were you enabled by MESPOM to arrive where you are - both professionally and personally?

MESPOM was a great connector for me, providing experiences in central, south and northern Europe. It was great to hear George Sorros talk at CEU on the importance of public debate. But it was the Aegean leg on Lesvos Island that had a profound impact on my life and career.  I lived on Lesvos Island with close friends who have become family to me. I became Head of Humanitarian Response for ActionAid and led a team to support female refugees in the crisis of 2016-2017. I now work in the space of climate change and humanitarian problem solving.

Mel with UN representative at GCF at Private Investors Conference for Climate, Songdo, Korea 2019