Radio producer Vaida Pilibaityté on how MESPOM made her a better communicator

February 14, 2020

Batch-4 (2010) graduate and award-winning radio producer Vaida Pilibaitytė from Lithuania talks about how MESPOM made her a better communicator and environmental journalist.

What are you currently doing?

Before my MESPOM studies, I have worked as an environment journalist, and had both B.A. and M.A. in journalism as my major. Following the graduation, I spent several years with a regional environment NGO, which was illuminating in many ways, and gave me a hands-on experience in nature conservation. Now I am back to my roots: working as a radio producer at the Lithuanian public broadcaster, LRT. I present an award-winning weekly radio program on environment where we explore various topics from sustainable forest management and nuclear waste to eco anxiety. I am also part of a small, but very friendly and creative team producing radio documentaries. Every now and then, those feature stories in sound also focus on the relationship between humans and nature. Back in 2018, my documentary on encounters with wolves was nominated at the international media competition PRIX EUROPA.

How were you enabled by MESPOM to arrive where you are - both professionally and personally?

In two years of MESPOM I gained at least two things: a close family of like-minded people all over the world (ten years on, we are still in touch, attending each other’s weddings and welcoming kids) and advanced understanding of complexities in this field, which makes my work as an environment journalist so much easier (every day!). It is almost as if MESPOM has taught me a secret language: it helps me communicate with ornithologists, marine biologists, nuclear physicists, foresters, and zero waste enthusiasts alike. Obviously, it is a great network of professionals whose work I try to follow, and whom I've interviewed for my program on several occasions too.

Any future plans?

This May it will be fourth time I am co-hosting a live radio broadcast called The Dawn Chorus – a truly extraordinary all-night celebration of birdsong in spring. It is a challenging international project coordinated by the Irish public broadcaster RTE, and we are very excited to be part of it. What’s not to love? We get to spend a night in nature, learn more about the birds from experts, the sounds are amazing and the audience loves it!

Photo credits: LRT and personal archive