Interning at the Global Resilience Partnership Program in Stockholm, Tabby Njung'e (Kenya)

May 24, 2020

MESPOM students have to do a mandatory summer internship component between the 1st and 2nd years, which is aimed at enhancing their professional development. Current 2nd year student Tabby Njung’e from Kenya reflects on her MESPOM internship experience

Where did you intern and what did you work on?

I did my internship with the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), Global Resilience Partnership Program. The partnership brings together public and private organisations working towards enhancing resilience of people and places. I worked with their Innovation Hub to map out their recent challenge winners; identifying their proposal strengths and opportunities, so that it would be useful in matching them with appropriate mentorship once the grants were awarded. Most of the internship was with the communication team who were organising a side event at the September 2019 UN Climate Summit and a session at the World Water Week. I supported them to prepare communication materials particularly; updating the online event management app with the agenda, session briefs, and speakers before it went live. I also worked to review applicants to the events. At the World Water Week, I helped draw participants to the event through the online community app and represented GRP at the event. Lastly, I supported the team to update their communication materials including their image bank and partnership members list.

Having not been involved in communication focused roles before, it was interesting to learn how you can more efficiently and sustainably host and coordinate large environment events. Moreover, I learned how you can get your key message across, enable the participants to network and engage even before the event occurs, further building momentum for the event. It was also enlightening to see some of the community level practical work happening in the resilience and adaptation space.

What are you doing now?

I am currently doing my Msc thesis research project with the Stockholm Environment Institute, Adaptation Without Borders project. My research is focused on transboundary climate risks and adaptation options focusing on how countries may be exposed to climate risks through international trade.

What lies next for you

I look forward to successfully completing my project and graduating even under the health crisis. My objective for joining the MESPOM program was to be able to grow my interdisciplinary skills and network as well as explore Europe. I am happy that I was able to achieve this to a large extent and I feel confident to re-enter the sustainability field with new gained interests and sustainability approaches. I am currently seeking opportunities both in formal and self- employment at the moment, but no solid plans as yet. Stay tuned!