Food Waste Warrior - Climate-KIC Pioneer - YouTube Influencer - Carmen Huidobro, MESPOM Batch-13

July 3, 2020

Hi everybody!

I am Carmen Huidobro, Spaniard born in Madrid from Batch 13 (2019). After graduation, I came back to my city to fight food waste with Too Good To Go’s Marketing Department, working as Content Manager. Fun story: This is also where I did my thesis placement - but that is another story that I’ll tell you later. Nowadays, I am still working in the Marketing Team but as a Campaigner, working on different projects to raise awareness about the issue of food waste among the public and different stakeholders in Spain.

MESPOM influenced (and helped) lots in my journey. First and most obvious, because it allowed me to combine my thesis research with work, and focus my case study on it. Second, because it opened my mind in ways I never imagined. The experience of living in 3 different countries, learning from the local culture, their sustainability initiatives, each professor’s experience and expertise, alongside classmates from every part of the world… That is so unique! I think I am still processing everything I’ve experienced and learnt during these two years. I still remember papers and lectures that were given back then through the different universities, and I can link those to relevant news or situations I see in the business world. Besides, the skills you can gain out of something like this are so rich! Now, I feel I am comfortable working with anyone no matter the country or background, I feel I can adapt to any new location, I know myself better… And that is not something everybody can say!

I think I am in a very exciting professional moment. Within Too Good To Go, new opportunities come everyday as the company grows. Besides, in my “free” time I am part of Climate-KIC Pioneers 2020 program working with Madrid City Council on climate adaptation and mitigation strategies, and I have finally launched my YouTube channel (CLIMABAR) on easy-going climate communication (in Spanish) for everybody!