Launching the First Mentoring & Career Programme of the MESPOM Alumni Association

October 28, 2020

August and September 2020 saw the launch of the first Mentoring & Career Programme organized and designed by the MESPOM Alumni Association. This program aims at building new connections between mentors (MESPOM Alumni) and mentees (recent MESPOM graduates), enhancing their career prospects. 
Following are some quotes and thoughts from the organizers:

Ankita Das (Batch 13)

“MESPOM is such a unique program, and all alumni are bonded in these distinctive experiences of studying across 3-4 universities. We felt that the Mentorship Program would be a great bridge to foster knowledge exchange between the different batches, and also build a stronger sense of community within the alumni network. We were really happy to receive such enthusiastic support for the pilot program from MESPOMers from almost all graduation years!”

Ginevra Oertel (Batch 14)

“The mentorship program is an amazing opportunity to enhance the network of passionate environmental professionals that is so needed at this moment in time. Having guidance and support in the post-graduation phase is very valuable for our mentees. Navigating through these unprecedented times doesn’t make the job entry easier.

Knowing that alumni, who are now holding great positions in various environmental fields, were facing similar challenges, creates a feeling of support and belonging. Furthermore, it is a rewarding experience to connect with like-minded people who share the same passion for the protection of the planet.”

Francesca Bellino (Batch 14)

“As a 2020 graduate, approaching for the first time the job market, I felt the necessity to be guided on the right path, to approach this new step in the best way. This shared feeling among my course mates, was my main motivation behind the design and creation of the Mentoring and Career Programme. I strongly believe the MESPOM Alumni community is a true asset, especially for recent graduates. No one can better understand and counsel you than someone with your academic background and MESPOM life experience!”