The MESPOM Networking & Career fair and the graduate’s community

February 24, 2021

On the 5th of February 2021, took place the pilot MESPOM Networking and Career Fair. The event was created with the objective of bringing to light internship or job opportunities, and to create a space for discussion and emergences of ideas for projects and collaborations.

The speakers who participated in the event were Adrian Mill, Ben Black and Dorottya Olah. These are all MESPOM Alumni and a sister program alumna,who offered and outlined specific internships and jobs for the students and recent graduates participating.

The combination of skills and passion of the speakers generated a great forum for discussion in which the participants were free to express their curiosity and interest for the positions presented. The event offered great insights but also variety in the topics addressed and, in this way, it was capable of matching students’ interests.

The idea and the implementation of this event was possible thanks to the MESPOM community itself which includes talented Alumni that are still very connected with each other and eager to support the current students. This is not the first occasion in which this was perceivable, a great participation from Alumni was definitely visible through the Mentoring & Career Programme organized by the MESPOM Alumni Association.

This strong connection bounding together the MESPOM community has its origin in theshared MESPOM experience. Although MESPOM includes a variety of backgrounds and nationalities,the adventures lived together in this unique study journey truly encourage the creation of everlasting friendships and great empathy for the new generations of MESPOMers.