The role of natural organic matter in controlling the behavior of iron in natural waters at Manchester – thesis topic of Kollie, batch 15 Manchester track student

March 20, 2021

Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Kollie Tokpah, and I am from Liberia. I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Cuttington University. I had the opportunity to work in quality management, but also environmental-related issues that arise in the manufacturing industry.

What motivated you in applying to MESPOM?

I come from a country that is vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change and other environmental problems. I got motivated by this, and that MESPOM’s diversified curriculum allows students to explore different aspects of the environment in an international context.

Which is your current thesis research topic and what drove you to choose it?

I am currently investigating the role of natural organic matter in controlling the behavior of iron in natural waters at Manchester. Water is important for sustainable development and it is inextricably linked to human rights. But human domination of the natural environment has impacted aquatic ecosystems with different types of pollutants, including trace metals. And those pollutants behave differently, pointing out the need to understand the mobility, bioavailability, and solubility - processes that can be measured or predicted by structure and activity relationships. Answers to questions about the processes associated with contaminants/nutrients in natural waters can inform appropriate management decisions.

Are you planning to keep working on this in the future?

It would be interesting going further with this research because climate change will influence the size of organic matter and cause discharge to be delivered in low frequency high magnitude events. At the same time, I’m also open to researching and working on other topics.