MESPOM Alumni Story: Transition to a career focused on environmental law and policy

January 17, 2022
Savannah Carr-Wilson (Canada ’17) studied law prior to MESPOM. The program helped her transition to a career focused on environmental law and policy. She currently works as a lawyer in Canada, helping indigenous people address environmental law matters in their traditional territories.
Savannah has said the following about her MESPOM experience:
“MESPOM gave me an excellent grounding in cutting edge environmental policy and management topics such as the circular economy. It also gave me the academic basis and opportunity to pursue a strong interest in just energy transitions, and I researched and wrote a book on this topic during the program. Together, this helped me obtain a selective traineeship after graduation in environmental law and policy at a Canadian environmental law centre, helping launch my career in this area. I continue to apply what I learned in MESPOM through my current work, helping Canadian indigenous peoples with environmental law matters such as addressing oil spills and combatting climate change.”
Photo: Savannah with another MESPOM graduate, Sandeep Pai (India’17)