Su-Mae Chua's thesis rethinking climate change adaptation research, MESPOM Batch 16

October 12, 2022

Su-Mae Chua (MESPOM Batch 16) shares a summary report of her thesis, “Re-centering subjectivity in knowledge practices in climate change adaptation research".

The report provides a summary of the research aims, methodology, and findings. In general, the report highlights new and exciting ideas about decolonial thinking in relation to current practices of knowledge exchange, climate services, and climate change adaptation research.

In the MESPOM programme, and in particular to the final thesis, students are encouraged to engage with key socio-ecological issues and to develop critical research projects and methodologies.

In Su-Mae’s thesis, she draws on the perspectives and experiences of 17 climate researchers and practitioners from different countries, including India, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines, and analysed their subjectivities in relation to their research practices, perception, and embodied experiences of climate change adaptation research.

The conceptual underpinnings of Su-Mae’s thesis highlight the interdisciplinary nature of studying complex socio-ecological issues. Overall, Su-Mae’s research findings contribute to wider conversations of decoloniality, while also turning our attention to the implications of politics and power relations in processes of climate change adaptation research and practice.

Please feel free to reach out to Su-Mae (sumae.chua(at) sharing your comments and questions.