COP27: MESPOM reunion

December 14, 2022

The 27th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 27) to the UNFCCC took place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt on 6-18 November 2022. MESPOM alumni and students, united by common interests within the environmental field, have found each other at COP27. Below some takeaways from them. 

Anna Ackermann:

"COP27 was a very special one for me. It was the first time when Ukraine had its own pavilion during the conference, and together with the colleagues I could support our Ministry of Environment in organising discussions on the impacts of Russia’s aggression for Ukraine and the whole world. It was wonderful to see so much support, and to meet fellow MESPOMers actively engaged in climate protection".

Sophie Röhrl:

"I'm full of gratitude to have been able to attend COP27 as part of the EU delegation and get a glimpse behind the scene of international climate negotiations within my Blue Book Traineeship at DG CLIMA. While the outcomes of COP27 certainly leave me with mixed emotions, all the passionate people I met from all over the world inspired me more than ever to keep fighting for a sustainable future and climate justice. Meeting fellow MESPOMers in Sharm el-Sheik was definitely one of my highlights!"

Omniah Hegazy:

"I always wait for the COP to meet my friends and colleagues. As we all work in the field of Environment, in a way or another we meet at events or even work together. I worked with two Alumni (Helen and Irena) as they were providing consultancy services on Egyptian projects/studies. You can't imagine how happy was I knowing they are alumni!" This COP I met Anna and Pilar from MESPOM as well as Tamar from MESP.

Carmen Valache-Altinel:

"Carmen from EMP batch 22 here and I'd like to highlight how amazing it is to be able to meet like- minded colleagues from the broader EMP/MESPOM network. This was my second COP and I am already beginning to see repeat familiar faces, such as Yvonne who is so good at bringing us all together. Wishing you all a great year ahead and hope to see you at the next COP"

Sara Welander:

“It is at these annual climate gatherings that one realises how broad yet still connected our MESPOM/MESP/EMP network is. This has always been one of my motivations to continue attending COPs as it provides a platform for reunions/meet-ups of alumni across batches and nationalities.”

Mila Sirychenko, current MESP student:

"It was wonderful to meet alumni from my department at COP27 and actually see and listen to where their education and experience have brought them in the environmental field. It was a great responsibility to represent Ukrainian youth at COY17 and COP27 at such hard times for my country. I had a chance to speak up and talk about phasing out russian fossil fuels, interlink of fossils, and russian war in Ukraine. I organized an accredited action to support Ukraine at COP venue and met young environmental activists from all over the world"

Yi Chieh Yvonne Chan:

"COP is not only a conference which assesses progress in dealing with climate change, but also an opportunity to connect with alumni. It’s amazing to see how strong the network is. The connection even enables more collaboration and information exchange, which directly and indirectly increase our capabilities to fight against climate change together!