Advancing Academic Frontiers for Sustainable Solutions

This week 2007 MESPOM graduate and present Associate Professor at Lund University, Yuliya Voytenko Palgan talks about advancing academic frontiers for sustainable solutions.

Batch-1 alumni Lovish Ahuja’s post-MESPOM journey

December 9, 2019

This week we go to Delhi, India to follow Batch-1 alumni Lovish Ahuja’s post-MESPOM journey.

From Argentina to South Africa to Turkey & beyond..

December 5, 2019

Current 2nd-year MESPOM student, Josefina Achaval-Torre talks about her experiences along this journey 

Photo: Exploring different ecosystems after a week of intense fieldwork collecting data on invasive species control (Mariepskop, South Africa)

How did you find out about Mespom, and how has your experience living in 3 different l

Alumni Shruti Neelakantan: We are all environmentally connected

November 15, 2019

Continuing the alumni features as part of celebrating the 15 years of MESPOM, this week we follow the journey of Batch-9 alumni, Shruti Neelakantan from India who is currently pursuing a PhD as a Marie-Curie Fellow in Ireland. 

Sofia Cavalleri '19: How I backpacked my PhD to Bangkok

November 7, 2019

Can I keep studying and travelling forever? This is the dream of every exchange student. After studying in Trento, Paris, Budapest, Lesvos, Lund, Stockholm and now in Bangkok, I think I’ve just finalized a strategy for that.