MESPOM Alumni Association

What is the MAA? How was it created?

MESPOM started in 2005, and has given rise to an extremely skilled and diverse alumni body, that is spread out across the world, in a variety of environmental sub-sectors, with different kinds of specialisations. But all with the common underlying aim of furthering the environmental cause, and improving the way we interact with nature.

The MESPOM Alumni Association was founded in early 2020, with the aim of strengthening this MESPOM alumni community and to provide a space for exchange of experiences. We want to make sure that the MESPOM alumni network which is bonded with such unique experiences, stays connected even after the program ends.

Our Team

The Association is managed by a Board, comprising a mixed group of alumni from different MESPOM batches and current students. The Board meets on a regular basis to discuss ongoing activities of the association and ideas that can enrich the MESPOM experience during and after the program.

What do we do?


Our Mentoring Career Program is running for several months during the 2nd year of the MESPOM program to help current batches a smoother entrance into the job market. We pair up MESPOM alumni volunteers (mentors) with MESPOM students about to graduate (mentees) based on their fields of expertise/interest. This opportunity supports students in their job research, network building, CV/cover letter writing, interview preparation, and creates space to connect ambitious minds together.


Studying at MESPOM offers many different future career paths due to the interdisciplinary and importance of the whole sustainability topic. To help the current students with their next career decisions, we have organized multiple career webinars. MESPOM alumni from different professional backgrounds have shared their career stories with the current students and were able to give valuable advice on how to reach specific positions, transition into new industries or reach famous organisations. You can find these webinars on our YouTube channel


  • Buddy system, where new MESPOM students are paired up with 2nd year students to help them acclimate themselves to the program and have a contact point during their study time.
  • Internal knowledge base, which regroups tips and recommendations from MESPOM alumni about their experiences in the different locations we travel to during the programme (e.g. internship, visa, accommodations and go-to places)

How can you get in touch with us?

Send us your ideas or questions to and follow us on InstagramLinkedIn, and YouTube to hear more about upcoming events!



Updated: March 22, 2023