MESPOM Alumni Association

What is the MAA? How was it created?

MESPOM  started in 2005, and has given rise to an extremely skilled and diverse alumni body, that is spread out across the world, in a variety of environmental sub-sectors, with different kinds of specialisations. But all with the common underlying aim of furthering the environmental cause, and improving the way we interact with nature.

The MESPOM Alumni Association was founded in early 2020, with the aim of strengthening this MESPOM alumni community and to provide a space for exchange of experiences. We want to make sure that the MESPOM alumni network which is bonded with such unique experiences, stays connected even after the program ends.

Our Team

The Association is managed by a Board, comprising a mixed group of alumni from different MESPOM batches. The Board Positions include a Chair Ankita Das (B13), Vice-Chair Stefanie Berendsen (B13), Secretary Louise Fontanot (B14), and multiple Committees with respective Committee Officers:

  • Mentoring & Careers Committee: Ginevra Oertel (B14) & Francesca Bellino (B14)
  • Webinars Committee: Shiza Aslam (B14), Jan-Niklas Heintze (B15)
  • Communications Committee: Rupal Verma (B15), Rimante Balsiunaite (B15), Laura Hurtado Verazain (B15)

The committees are formed/dissolved by the Board based on evolving needs and requirements. The main aim of the different teams is to foster an active and happening MESPOM alumni body after the end of the program!

What do we do?

Mentoring Career Program

Our pilot Mentoring Career Program started on the 1st August 2020. It will be running for 3 months and concludes on 30th November 2020. In total 15 MESPOM Alumni volunteered as mentors, and 22 recent graduates from Batches 13 and 14 took part in the pilot programme! After the programme, we are going to conduct the feedback sessions to continue the learning experience and further improve the program for the following years. We are super excited to see how things shape up and we would be looking forward to including the rest of the MESPOM community. 


Our first webinar explored a variety of issues concerning urban food systems, discussing the complexity and diversity within the food systems, and how they are going to be affected by the Covid-19 crisis. It was inspiring to learn from the experiences of MESPOM Alumni working in different sectors in this domain. You can find this webinar on our YouTube channel

How can you get in touch with us?

Send us your ideas or questions to and follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube

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