MESPOM Faculty

The individuals involved in delivering MESPOM include permanent resident faculty as well as affiliated academics and professionals with recognized experience in the field. The resident faculty is permanently employed by the Consortium partners and is responsible for developing, coordinating and delivering the program as well as assessing students’ work. All of these academics are active researchers and have European or global recognition in their research areas. In addition, over the years, the Consortium partners have developed a circle of core visiting lecturers from both Europe and around the world who could bring cutting edge research and academic experiences to students.

  • CEU resident faculty includes five full professors, five associate and two assistant professors with degrees from leading universities in Canada, Hungary, the UK, the US, Germany and Russia. CEU’s core of visiting professors come from Hungary, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, UK, Ukraine, and the USA, representing prominent academic centers, as well as EEA, IPCC, UNEP and other international organizations.
  • IIIEE resident faculty includes two full professors, four associate professors, one assistant professor, one adjunct professor, a senior research fellow and four research associates. IIIEE’s visiting faculty comes from academia, industries and international organizations in Sweden, Australia, Belarus, the Netherlands, the USA and other countries.
  • The University of Manchester's Masters courses draw on a number of faculty from SEAES, the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering. The core faculty are involved in teaching Semester 3, which includes at least six senior lecturers and eleven lecturers. Visiting professors are invited from other of the University’s schools and faculties and from external organizations.
  • The University of the Aegean Department of Environmental Studies’ resident faculty includes three professors, one associate and five assistant professors and one lecturer. Other staff from the Faculty of the Environment and the Department of Geography are available to advise students on their research projects during Semester 4.
In between 2010 and 2023 during the thesis writting period in Semester 4 students could also take advantage of the faculty of Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) (USA), and the University of Saskatchewan (UoS) (Canada).

News and stories about MESPOM faculty

Prof. Aleh Cherp co-authors a paper

January 23, 2015

Prof. Aleh Cherp co-authors a paper on the concept of energy security with Dr. Jewell of IIASA, an EPRG alumna. The paper can be freely retrieved at It argues that energy security should be conceptualized as an instance of security in general and that it can be defined as low vulnerability of vital energy systems which support critical social functions and can be drawn sectorally or geographically.

Prof. Aleh Cherp leads a new project

January 23, 2015

Prof. Aleh Cherp leads a new project on the Politics of Energy Transitions supported by the International Social Sciences Council’s Transformation to Sustainability Program as part of the Future Earth initiative.

Updated: March 30, 2023