MESPOM Programme, Year 1 Fall and Winter, Central European University

Vertical Garden on CEU rooftop built and maintained by students of the university (Fall, CEU). 

The 1st semester at CEU (September - January, 24 ECTS credits) introduces key subjects of environmental sciences, policy and management in order to "bridge" various initial competences resulting from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and to provide the students with the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for further mastering the field. Semester 1 starts with an introductory week including an induction session at lake Balaton or another natural resource site in Austria, where the students are trained in intercultural communications and discuss their visions for the Course with the faculty.

From Academic Year 2017-2018:

The 2nd semester 2/a at CEU in Vienna (January - April, 20 ECTS credits) includes both mandatory and elective units covering a range of subjects in environmental sciences, policy and management.

Semester 2/b at UAegean in Lesvos, Greece (April- June, 16 ECTS credits), Land, Water, Ecosystems inlcudes courses on biodiversity, water, waste and land management including GIS and modelling tools.

Detailed information about the study programme of the first two semesters is available through the CEU course hub.

MESPOM @ CEU News and Stories

Welcome, students of 2023-25!

As per tradition, we have welcomed our new students in September by hosting the annual retreat of the CEU Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy! 

This year we went to a new place, to the Nationalpark Neusiedler See – Seewinkel.

MESPOM welcomes students in Vienna from 2020

Following the opening of Central European University's new campus and accreditation of MESPOM in Austria, incoming MESPOM students study in Vienna from September 2020.

Being on the MESPOM journey I am exactly where I was meant to be

Carmen Margiotta:
Ever since starting my MESPOM journey I have felt that I was exactly where I was meant to be

Life and classes in Vienna: meet Sophie Röhrl, CEU General Alumni scholarship recipient from batch 16

Meet Sophie Röhrl, MESPOM student batch 16 and CEU General Alumni Scholarship recipient. Sophie is part of the first class starting their MESPOM journey at the Vienna campus.

Dr. Alexios Antypas, CEU, Expert on Environmental Politics and Governance

MESPOM is jointly operated by a consortium of 4 European and 2 North American Universities, each location presents its own unique set of learning opportunities. Dr. Alexios Antypas from Central European University discusses the opportunities MESPOM students receive in Budapest/Vienna.

Enrichment through energy studies and environmental engagement - Joel Gordon

Current Manchester-track student Joel Gordon reflects on his MESPOM journey over the past 1.5 years as Batch-14 settles into their thesis semester.

Welcome to MESPOM - Balaton retreat

Like we do every fall, we have welcomed our new students to Hungary by hosting the annual retreat near Lake Balaton for the CEU department of Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management!

Go organic! mini documentary about local food communities in Budapest

Three CEU students: Nurma Fitrianingrum, Shawna Anderson, and Shubhangi Heda recently completed a mini documentary film about sustainable food communities as part of the Visual Studies Platform’s advanced certificate program in Visual Theory and Practice supported by the CEU Library’s Mirabaud Media Lab.

Teaching and learning about environmental justice: Hidden Valley and BP Horizon Oil Spill cases

In the first semester at CEU, Environmental Sciences and Policy students have the option to take a course called Environmental Justice, Politics and Humanities taught by Dr.

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