Go organic! mini documentary about local food communities in Budapest

February 22, 2019

Three CEU students: Nurma Fitrianingrum, Shawna Anderson, and Shubhangi Heda recently completed a mini documentary film about sustainable food communities as part of the Visual Studies Platform’s advanced certificate program in Visual Theory and Practice supported by the CEU Library’s Mirabaud Media Lab.

Emily Dowding-Smith, Environmental lawyer from New Zealand, MESPOM batch 5: 2009-2011

September 25, 2018

Emily' current location, place of employment and position:
Bonn, Germany, World Secretariat of ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, Urban Food Systems Forum Manager in Resilient Cities Team

Sergio Rejado Albaina '14 (Spain)

September 2, 2018

Life follows unexpected paths. Often unexpected ones. And it seems that being a MESPOM alumnus is the perfect recipe for the systematic enjoyment of pleasant surprises and encounters. During the last two months, I have met three fellow MESPOM alumni in Mexico, Israel, and Germany. And they are indeed not the only ones that I have re-encountered since graduating. This actually happens with a surprising frequency.

Sophie Peter '16 (Germany)

February 16, 2017

"My master’s thesis was the key to my
current job."

Olivia Lewis '16 (U.K.)

January 16, 2017

" MESPOM experience has certainly paid off as I feel much more equipped to work professionally on environmental topics..."