MESPOM @ Manchester

The MESPOM semester at Manchester, by student Lily Hess

Hi! My name is Lily Hess, and I am currently a second-year MESPOM student doing my third
semester at the University of Manchester.

My previous academic background had little to do with environmental science – I studied
international relations for my undergraduate degree. Afterwards, I held a couple jobs in journalism and academic editing.

Roadripping with Batch 17, blog story by Erika

I’m Erika Kalkofen, a Batch 17 MESPOMer from the USA. Following my studies in International Relations, I spent 2 years in Zambia working with farmers on conservation farming techniques to adapt to climate change. This experience sparked my passion and interest for environmental sciences.To gain more knowledge in this field, I applied to the MESPOM programme.

I was impressed by its alumni network and, its interdisciplinary offerings made environmental sciences easily accessible for students with a different background like me.

The role of natural organic matter in controlling the behavior of iron in natural waters at Manchester – thesis topic of Kollie, batch 15 Manchester track student

Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Kollie Tokpah, and I am from Liberia. I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Cuttington University. I had the opportunity to work in quality management, but also environmental-related issues that arise in the manufacturing industry.

Noreen and Isna on life as a student in Manchester in 2020

Moving to Manchester and the beginning of the semester…

Isna: “My Manchester semester officially started on October 21st. It was very difficult to decide whether to come to the UK even with entirely online teachings. But not having experienced the semester in Greece and, at the same time being an Erasmus+ student, gave me the courage to pack and come to Manchester to experience a new education environment.”

Dr. Stephen Boult from the University of Manchester

MESPOM is jointly operated by a consortium of 4 European and 2 North American Universities, each location presents its own unique set of learning opportunities. This week we caught up with Dr. Stephen Boult from the University of Manchester, UK to discuss the MESPOM study program in Manchester