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Back to Greece, the MESPOM Lesvos semester told by Kaja

I am Kaja and, before joining the MESPOM programme, I had studied Liberal Arts and Sciences with a Major in Earth and Environmental Sciences in Freiburg, Germany. When studying abroad in Budapest during my undergraduate, I ran into some MESPOM students who had just started their studies at CEU. I was fascinated by that diverse, open and friendly group. Everyone I spoke to had interesting and yet different background and a lot of captivating stories to tell. When it was my time to apply for a Master programme, I remembered these people and their stories, and tried my luck.

"Study in Greece" interview with Prof. Petros Gaganis on MESPOM

December 30, 2021

The web portal Study in Greece, campaigning for the promotion and international visibility of Greek Universities interviewed Professor Petros Gaganis, Head of the Department of Environment of the University of the Aegean, on the 

Meet with 2020 MESPOM graduate Sara Velander

December 8, 2020

Sara Velander, 2020 MESPOM graduate told us about how MESPOM helped her kick-start her career journey. Keep reading to find out more about it…

Enrichment through energy studies and environmental engagement - Joel Gordon

Current Manchester-track student Joel Gordon reflects on his MESPOM journey over the past 1.5 years as Batch-14 settles into their thesis semester.

The Lesvos MESPOM experience - Prof. Dr. Thanasis Kizos

January 28, 2020

MESPOM is jointly operated by a consortium of 4 European and 2 North American Universities, each location presents its own unique set of learning opportunities.

This week Prof. Dr. Thanasis Kizos from the University of the Aegean on Lesvos shares his reflections on the MESPOM experience in Greece.