Current student stories

This page offers an introduction to several current students. Their stories either showcase a current experience or project, or describe the student's previous experiences and how it brought them to MESPOM. 

Meet Shwetha Nair, a current student from batch 12 (2016-18) studying in her first semester in Budapest. Shwetha, from India, comes from a background working in wildlife biology and is learning to expand her knowledge to include policy and management.

Meet Maruf Khalid, a student from batch 12 (2016-18) studying in his first semester in Budapest. Maruf is from Afghanistan (the first MESPOM student coming from his country) and hopes to influence the development of environmental thinking and management in his country. 

Meet Sandeep Pai and Savannah Carr-Wilson, two students from batch 11 (2015-17). Sandeep is from India and Savannah is from Canada, and they have collaborated to publish a comparative book on the situation with the use of fossil fuels in their two countries. 

Meet Dany Avalos, a student from batch 11 (2015-17). Dany took the Manchester track for his third semester and chose to remain for his fourth semester of thesis research. Dany, from Ecuador, has a background in sustainable tourism and ecology and in MESPOM has developed his academic skills in scientific research. 

Meet Gina D'Alesandro, a student from batch 11 (2015-2017) and conducted a thesis research project in Namibia. Gina, from the U.S.A, worked on sustainable development water management plans for a local river basin. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department for Environmental Sciences and Policy at CEU. 

Meet students from the current batch 12, who recently completed a course assignment in fall 2017 which involved groupwork, working with real-life scenarios, and creating a game for the student group to play. 

Check back for more current student stories in the future!