Potential sources of funding

Potential sources of funding

  • Up to 50% partial tuition fee waivers for outstanding candidates; 
  • CEU General Alumni Scholarship;
  • CEU Scholarships; for MESPOM students this scholarship includes 75% tuition fee waiver and a stipend for the first year (12 months) and the 4th semester (if CEU is the thesis host institution).
  • For already enrolled students: Erasmus+ Study Mobility Program for the Greek semester, 3rd (Lund) and 4th semester (if Lund is the thesis host institution).

Prospective students are also encouraged to frequently check scholarship opportunities available through the online portals of their respective countries.

Over years MESPOM students benefited from a variety of sources including:

You are welcome to check http://www.scholarshipportal.eu/ and https://www.ceu.edu/admissions/funding-fees/finaid-applicants/external-scholarships for more scholarship information.

Selected list of scholarships and loans by region

United Kingdom (please note some UK based institutions or funders provide scholarships or grants to international students)



North America

South and Latin America


Australia and New Zealand

Below is a list of portals (databases) providing information on scholarships, institutions and funders including sources of private finance: