Semester 3 at the University of Manchester. Pollution and Environmental Control

The overall aim of this track is to provide an understanding of the effects of pollution on marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems and human health, the management of solid, liquid and gaseous wastes and pollution abatement and research. Moreover, the track strives to build analytical skills necessary to design and implement environmental and pollution control projects, as well as to communicate and disseminate relevant information. All parts of the taught element are supplemented by laboratory and field practicals, field and industrial visits, and seminars and guest lectures from outside experts.

Assessment of River Etherow, Pollution Damage course,(Semester 3, UoM, Manchester)

The students are required to take three mandatory units equivalent to 15 ECTS credits and select additional 15 credits from any other relevant course at the University of Manchester.

Mandatory units: Pollution Damage to Human Health and Ecosystems [7.5]; Research Methods and Analytical Techniques in Environmental Science [7.5]

Examples of elective units: Water chemistry, Bioremediation, Environmental Planning and Development, NGO Management, Ecological Economics

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Ecology and sustainable tourism in Ecuador to water chemistry and management in the U.K.

Dany Avalos '17 (Ecuador) received a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Sustainable Tourism and wrote a Bachelor's thesis on the Impacts of Tourism in Indigenous Communities located on the south-east bank of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador at the Kapawi Reserve and Ecolodge.

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A MESPOM 2009/2011 student spending her third semester in the University of Manchester has picked up top accolades in a prestigious competition organised by the British Council.  Chinese student Tian Peng has been named the North W