Student life

The campuses and settings of all MESPOM Consortium partners provide a unique experience of multicultural Europe and ideal conditions for studies of international students.

  • In 2019 CEU has opened its campus in Vienna. MESPOM students started their study program in Vienna from 2020. (Central European University had its headquarter in the center of Budapest, the heart of Central Europe till 2019 Fall);
  • Lund University - the largest higher education establishment in the Nordic countries - is located in the historic town of Lund, the Oxford of Scandinavia, just 1 hour away from Copenhagen across the spectacular Oresund bridge;
  • Manchester University, the largest in the UK, is situated in the city of Manchester famous for its football teams, multicultural communities and vibrant night life;
  • The University of the Aegean is located on the Greek island of Lesvos with its typical Mediterreanean scenery and great atmosphere for academic reflection.

MESPOM Consortium universities provide world-class student services and learning facilities and ensure that students have quality accommodation.

Updated: April 25, 2023