Year 1 Spring (Aegean)

Birdsmonitoring, Ecosystems Management course (Spring, UAegean. Lesvos)

Semester 2/b at the University of the Aegean in Lesvos, Greece 
(16 ECTS credits) 14 weeks
April 8 - July 12 in 2019 
(including 2 weeks of Easter Holidays April 22 - May 6)

April 6 – July 3 in 2020
(including 2 weeks of Easter Holidays April 13-26) 

April 5 - July 9 in 2021
(including 2 weeks break April 26 - May 7)

April 4 - July 8 in 2022
(including 2 weeks break April 18-29)

The focus of this semester is Ecosystems’ Management, and in its core lies the following mandatory course (6 ECTS, ENVS540): 

  • Assessment, Modelling and Scenarios for Ecosystems Management 
    that examines adaptive environmental management, and in particular the cultural/social-ecological dimensions of human-nature interactions.

Students may also choose from a variety of elective courses [each carrying 2 ECTs] including courses pertaining to applied science (such as Applied Ecology; Air pollution& Climate Change; Freshwater Resources: Natural systems, Human Impact and Conservation; Aquatic Pollution and Wastewater management; Environmental Economics; and, Sustainable Tourism) as well as technical/research skills (such as Environmental Application of GIS and Research Design and Methods in Social Sciences). Besides the in-class lectures and seminars, the semester also includes fieldwork, a number of fieldtrips, and various academic and social activities.

10 credits of the following elective courses need to be selected (2021):

  • Applied Ecology; Introduction to Environmental Sciences @ CEU in Fall a prerequisite (2)
  • Air Pollution & Climate Change (3)
  • Aquatic Pollution and Wastewater Management (2)
  • Environmental Applications of GIS: Spatial Analysis and Modeling; Intro to Geospatial Analysis, Spatial Analysis with GIS @ CEU in Winter (or equivalent) a prerequisite (3)
  • Freshwater Resources: Natural systems, Human Impact and Conservation (2)
  • Research Design & Methods in Social Sciences; Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods (I and II) @ CEU a prerequisite (3)
  • Sustainable Tourism (2)

For a detailed description of the UAegean semester, please, visit the Department of Environment, University of the Aegean, website as well as the dedicated UAegean MESPOM page.

Also, have a look at some research publications resulting from previous MESPOM students’ theses with the Department of the Environment, UAegean (the student’s name appears in bold). 

Detailed information about the study programme of the first two semesters is also available through the CEU course hub.

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MESPOM is jointly operated by a consortium of 4 European and 2 North American Universities, each location presents its own unique set of learning opportunities.

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May 31, 2013

The arrival of MESPOM students at the University of the Aegean in Greece has become an annual tradition on the island of Lesvos. Each year since 2005, a diverse group of students from around the world have traveled to Lesvos to complete 6 weeks of coursework focused specifically on environmental issues from the unique perspective of an island ecosystem.