Year 1 Summer (Internships)

Summer Internships (4 ECTS credits). In Summer between years 1 and 2 MESPOM students have mandatory internships typically hosted by MESPOM Associated Partners and other organizations identified by students and through the Alumni network. MESPOM also offers an opportunity to do research internships mentored by research-oriented Associated Partners or by MESPOM faculty, and thus preliminary explore their potential thesis topics. 

July 8 - Aug 31 in 2023

Internships news and stories

December 5, 2019

Current 2nd-year MESPOM student, Josefina Achaval-Torre talks about her experiences along this journey

October 24, 2018

"My advice to future students? Use the time of the internship between the two academic years to focus on your field of interest, experience something you have not done before (for me, it was working in a think tank), and choose something, which will be useful when the time to decide what you will do after your studies."

Updated: March 30, 2023